Application and Evaluation




Managers, educators, commercial and social entrepreneurs, companies, public and non-governmental organizations working in the private sector and public administration can apply to the United Public Awards.

Applications can be made betwen 15 April and 15 August every year. The deadline for applications and nomination is 15 August 17.00. Jury evaluations are made between 20 August and 30 September and the results are recorded to the public until 15 Octoberat the latest.

Applications that have not been implemented and therefore remain at the project stage are not evaluated. Any person, institution and organization can apply for more than one category. In order to apply, the information and digital documents required in the application form must be completed completely.

Applications made on behalf of another person, institution or organization will be considered valid if the person, institution or organization is approved.

Approval e-mail will be sent to the persons, institutions and organizations who filled out the application form after checking whether the application conditions have been met. Applicants are required to follow the payment steps in the relevant email.

The jury looks for the conditions of being original, innovative, different, high quality and sustainable, creating impact, realizing change, benefiting the society and the environment, and addressing the future as well as today. The project or initiative subject to application must fully meet the criteria of its category.

Projects that are unreadable or do not meet the application criteria will not be evaluated. If a plagiarism crime has been committed in the project subject to application, the project in question is not taken into consideration.

The United Public Awards does not accept any responsibility for applications that have not reached the United Public Awards due to loss, delay, misdirection, and incomplete (missing) applications. The online application does not mean that the application has been completed.

The jury's decision is final and closed to discussion with the applicants. The applicants who reach the finals are contacted between 15 October and 15 November individual individuals are invited to the award ceremony to attend alone, with at least two representatives of companies, institutions or organizations.

The United Public Awards has the right to postpone, change and cancel the date of the award ceremony without prior notice due to situations that occur outside of its own initiative (disaster, social crisis, etc.).