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  • 1. Who can apply for the United Public Awards?

    Regardless of the size, sector and geographical location, every institution has the right to apply the awards. The United Public Awards also accept individual applications.


  • 2. What are the benefits of winning the United Public Award?

    Institutions that are entitled to win this award have many advantages. This award strengthens corporate networks; increases motivation of employees in all your departments; makes it easier to attract new talents to the institution; it gives the advantage of sales and increases the awareness of the institution by the public.


    In addition, all winners will be published on the winners pages on the United Public Awards website. According to the type of award (gold, silver or bronze), logos will be sent to institutions to use on their sites. Moreover, news about the winning institutions will be published on the social media and blog account of the United Public Awards.


  • 3. How can I apply for the United Public Awards?

    Application is completed after the application form on the award website is filled in and sended with the payment receipt to


  • 4. Can we apply to different categories at the same time?

    You can apply in as many award categories as your institution deems appropriate. Each category consists of different evaluator groups and each category collects applications in a different application pool. Some categories receive 10 times more applications than others, so the best way to increase your chances of winning is to apply to more than one category.


  • 5. Can institutions that have previously received the United Public Award reapply?

    Former winners of the United Public Awards programs can reapply to same or different reward program and reward categories. With the participation of different participants and evaluators in the program every year, different points can be obtained from the points received in the past. By re-applying, institutions that have previously won awards can continue their success, or institutions that have not received any awards before can try their luck again.


  • 6. How are the application fees determined for the United Public Award?

    United Public Awards fees vary by posting date. Regular entry fees for all categories are £ 200 per entry until the deadline on August 15, 2023.


  • 7. What makes the United Public Awards different from other awards?

    This award consists of successful evaluators who is working in different sectors and who will evaluate applicants under the same award roof, with no institution, geography or size difference.


  • 8. How are the awards evaluated?

    Applications are evaluated in two stages. In the first place, candidates are scored by our jury members who work as experts of their jobs in different fields such as education, business, technology and media. The top 10 candidates with the highest score in the first stage qualify to move to the second stage. At this stage, candidates are evaluated only by experts who specialize in the category in which they participate. The top three candidates with the highest scores at the end of the second stage are awarded with gold, silver and bronze awards.


  • 9. Are the application forms kept confidential?

    Application forms are only available to assessors. It is the responsibility of our institution to protect these forms..