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United Public Awards


The United Public Awards was established in England in 2015 with the purpose of being a source of motivation for the people who are the best in their fields. The United Public Awards, which is among the most prestigious awards, provides many advantages to the candidates. First of all, this award, which provides international recognition, gives companies and institutions a competitive advantage and prestige.

Every international company or institution in any sector operating in any country of the world can apply for this international award. Participants do not need to conduct business on a global level. Most of the winners in the past consist of companies at different levels such as local, national or regional. All applications are evaluated objectively by the respected managers, entrepreneurs, innovators and business educators of the world and fairly compared to companies or individuals of their own scale.




Dear Candidates,


We invite you to apply for the 2020 the United Public Awards, which is internationally important and where the best are selected. Public, private, non-profit, large, small all organizations around the world are eligible to participate in the award. Candidates can apply individually or on behalf of the institution.

Many world-renowned organizations have applied for the United Public Awards. Most of the award winners are medium and small companies that grow year by year and develop themselves. All the applicant organizations are evaluated fairly by comparing them with companies of their own scale.

This booklet explains in detail how to apply to the United Public Awards. First of all, you should examine the categories and decide the most suitable category for you. Then, you need to send us the necessary information for the application.

See: Categories




Application Steps


  • Review the categories and identify the categories to which you will apply. Categories
  • Download the Reference Guide to your computer and read it carefully. Reference Guide
  • Request an entry kit using the sub menu. Get Entry Kit
  • After filling in the entry kit, fill in the documents sent to you by e-mail.
  • Stamp and sign all documents and send them to us within the specified dates. -

Please send all these forms to Annex-1, Annex-2 and Annex-3 (Application Fee Receipt) to with your contact information.




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