United Public Awards

“Crown Your Success”




The United Public Awards was established in England in 2015 with the purpose of being a source of motivation for the people who are the best in their fields. The United Public Awards, which is among the most prestigious awards, provides many advantages to the candidates. First of all, this award, which provides international recognition, gives companies and institutions a competitive advantage and prestige.

Every international company or institution in any sector operating in any country of the world can apply for this international award. Participants do not need to conduct business on a global level. Most of the winners in the past consist of companies at different levels such as local, national or regional. All applications are evaluated objectively by the respected managers, entrepreneurs, innovators and business educators of the world and fairly compared to companies or individuals of their own scale.







The United Public Awards aims to support professionals who contribute to innovation and development worldwide, to announce and promote their work to the international community, by signing extraordinary studies in business, public administration, education and civil society.

We believe that the contributions of managers, entrepreneurs and educators working in organizations around the world to the business world, public administration, education and civil society should be emphasized and honored. In the global world, where communication and hence interaction is at the highest level, we desire to contribute to the proliferation of sustainable business, public administration, education and civil society models, and to provide added value to the managers, entrepreneurs and educators who create these models.






Acting with an innovative and entrepreneurial approach, our organization, with its principled and professional approach, organizes systematic programs aiming to support innovation, improvement and development activities in the fields of business, public administration, civil society and education around the world, leading to the promotion of these activities worldwide and their sustainability. aims to become the leading organization that contributes.

The United Public Awards has the capacity to lead global organizations to enrich the work of respected professionals, with a creative, responsible, holistic perspective, focused on excellence and a team of experts.

Our organization will continue to update itself and bring together professional managers and entrepreneurs worldwide on the same platform.