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The United Public Awards are awarded in the following 12 categories.
Success Stories
Thomas Newman - Youth Organization Leader (USA)

June, 2022

The UK-based United Public Awards is a quality organization that will benefit the global community with its expert and experienced staff. As the leader of a legal organization that carries out youth work, I must state that I am very impressed with the work of the organization. It is an important opportunity for the organization to open up space for projects developed by youth organizations to improve the global humanitarian system, and we will apply with our vision projects in this field.
Laura Anderson – Activist (UK)

April, 2022

The United Public Awards not only contributes to the business and education world with its professional team, it also supports social entrepreneurship as well as commercial entrepreneurship. Undoubtedly, this approach is of great importance for the society and the environment, as this approach will create a global change with this approach, social projects with a sustainability criterion will be introduced to the world public and bring a wide-ranging interaction. United Public Awards, which honors original and sustainable projects in business, public administration, civil society and education, is taking firm steps towards becoming a leading organization.
İngrid Fischer - Educator (Germany)

April 2022

I find international award organizations important in terms of promoting and expanding projects that will make a difference worldwide and shape not only today but also the future. During the face-to-face meeting with the United Public Awards team, we exchanged ideas about innovative and sustainable projects in the field of education. The education department closely follows different applications from all over the world. The Sustainable Project Award category can be an excellent opportunity for innovative people who are concerned with education, I follow with interest.
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